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Daniel Fanica Software Engineer from Dublin

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Imagine that you're a seasoned and passionate explorer of the vast and ever-changing world of the internet. You've spent over 15 years navigating its complex web of coding languages, tools, and technologies, honing your skills and expanding your knowledge with every step.

As you embark on your next journey, you're eager to team up with fellow adventurers who share your thirst for discovery and your willingness to take on any challenge that comes your way. You're a powerhouse of energy, with a wealth of experience under your belt, and an unyielding enthusiasm for tackling the latest and greatest projects.

Whether it's developing cutting-edge websites, building innovative web applications, or working on any other exciting digital venture, you're always ready to dive in headfirst and make a meaningful impact at the forefront of any modern industry.

One favourite quote

“Stay hungry, stay foolish.”
- by Steve Jobs

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Hours Coding

Hazelnut Latte

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Strategic software engineer passionate about innovation and automation with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. Although my skill set is vast, my greatest expertise revolve in the worlds of web development, design, UX, social media, brand identity design and content creation. My wish is to combine my knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver the best result to the people I work for and their audiences.

I see technology as a way of facilitating and improving communication between people and I understand that people come before technology.